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Udemy – Game Stylized Building Concept Art

Posted on Jun-11-2024 07:09 | by BNNGUYEN

Udemy – Game Stylized Building Concept Art

Udemy – Game Stylized Building Concept Art
Udemy – Game Stylized Building Concept Art
Duration 2h 55m MP4

What you'll learn
Learn how to design a stylized building
Learn how to paint a stylized building
Learn how to use Blender for Concept Art
Understand shape language when designing a building
Learn concept art
Learn how to render details
Paint with photoshop
3d modeling
Learn how to color your design
Learn how to sketch a building from imagination
Understand stylized art
Game art development
Add new piece to your portfolio
digital painting
digital art

What You'll Learn : design a stylized building useful for either game production, children's book storytelling, animation projects or any other project that requires stylized architecture.

Whether you are just starting at concept art or you already have some years of experience, this tutorial will be great value for understanding principles of stylized architecture and knowing how to follow those unique details in order to maintain a consistent style throughout your designs.

By the end of this Class: you will not only understand the necessary tools in Blender to model your own buildings but also you will end up with a professional looking image ready to be added to your portfolio.

Now we have AI, Why should i learn this : AI is good at rendering amazing images in seconds but when it comes to close-up details, maintain the same style and shape language you can get stuck. You need to be able to show in detail where the window connects with the building, how the texture looks, is the texture going to be realistic? or stylized with bigger shapes? Will your edges be hard in some areas and soft in other areas? Will the door be almost the same size of the character, yes? Why? Then the rest of the buildings in your game, book or animation film should follow same style. Understanding the foundation of stylized art will help you to have more believable designs and not just a shiny AI image that lacks of functionality.

For your class project you can model and paint a Stylized Building with the technique shown in the class. Along with 3 Studys based on your type of architecture, 3 sketches from imagination and 1 color sketch. Feel free to also share an image of your 3D model if you want also.

What you'll need for this class: Blender ( download for free in their website) and Photoshop.

What we'll Do:
Organize references
Realistic to Stylized excercise
Studies to understand the architecture we want to achieve
Imagination sketches
I will teach you how to use Blender to model your own building based on your sketches
Export render passes for easy painting in Photoshop
Import renders into Photoshop and appy shadows
Adding dynamic texture to each color
Adding extra lines of details that we didn't do in the 3d
Finials design and placing them
Hand paint to erase the 3D fake look
Garden vegetation painting and modeling

Projects files : final JPG and sketches for reference, textures used in my scene, architecture types, 3D Scene FBX ( open Blender and go to FILE-IMPORT-FBX to view it)

Who this course is for:
Blender beginners
Aspiring concept artists
3D artists
people who want to improve their concept art and design skills
art students who want to improve their art skills
for aartist that want to add new portfolio pieces to their CV
digital artists
digital illustrators